A comprehensive wealth management app that enables you to strategically invest your money in a variety of asset classes.

Tarrakki Zyaada

Tarrakki Zyaada

When you park your money in Tarrakki Zyaada, your money will be invested in the Nippon India Liquid Fund, which can give you potentially higher returns than your Bank Savings Account or a Fixed Deposit.

With your Tarrakki Zyaada investment, you get a Nippon Anytime Money Card, powered by HDFC Bank and Visa. This card enables you to use the money you have invested, should you want to. You can link this card to your online shopping account, use it for your Uber/Ola rides, and even book movie tickets online. It literally acts like a Bank Debit Card.

It's like parking your money in a bank savings account, but with the opportunity to earn almost double the returns.

Buy Sell Hold Recommendations

  • Get Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations
  • Over 2500+ Mutual Funds
  • Check the fund star rating
  • Backed by solid research

Buy Sell Hold Recommendations

The above are graphical representations and does not constitute as investment advice.

Our Offerings

Mutual Funds

Invest in over 3500+ direct mutual funds from 40+AMCs. Get investment strategies based on your risk profile and financial goals

Equity Advisory

Build your personalized stock portfolio. Get well researched and unbiased direct equity investment advice

Peer to Peer Lending

Invest in RBI registered P2P lending products and earn 8% to 12% returns


Buy digital gold in just two clicks in real time prices

(Coming Soon)

How Does Tarrakki Work?

Tarrakki is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, and a Bank Grade Secure Transaction Portal.
We have made the process of investing as easy and engaging as online shopping or buying movie tickets.

Get Registered

Create your account in less than 2 minutes by entering your PAN number and bank details.

Choose an investment strategy

Check out our custom made investment strategies that best fit your needs.

Talk to an advisor

Not sure which plan works the best for you? Drop us a message and our advisor will contact you

Start Investing

Select your plan and instant checkout using UPI / Netbanking / NEFT / RTGS

Benefits of Investing with Tarrakki

Paperless Investing

If you’ve been putting off investing because the idea of paperwork boggles your mind, Tarrakki is your go-to App for wealth management

Evolving with Multiple Asset Classes

Tarrakki is designed to constantly be evolving, both intuitively, and in tandem with market trends. Going forward, Tarrakki will keep becoming more cohesive as new asset classes are added on a regular basis. This gives Tarrakki users a more comprehensive investing experience with a host of investing options other than mutual funds

Thousands of Mutual Fund Options

The wealth advisors who suggest and recommend mutual funds in the Tarrakki App use highly refined algorithms optimised for various investor categories

Informative Blogs & Articles for New Investors

Investing can be confusing if you haven’t done it before. We don’t want investments to feel complicated. So, in the Tarrakki App you will find lots of articles and blogs that talk about everything related to investing, from the very basic to the very advanced

Direct Plans with Zero Commissions

if you are part of a regular plan, you end up paying exorbitant amount of money in commissions over the months and years

Easy to Use

The Tarrakki App is designed to be user friendly and easy to understand. The team at Tarrakki has spent numerous manhours working out the most convenient process flow for users who want to invest their money

Why Tarrakki?

Most investment apps out there make you invest in Regular Plans. This means, they take a certain percentage of commission out of every investment you make. If you invest with the help of your bank, or a mutual fund distributor, usually they also earn commissions out of your investment

Because of this, the advice you get is often biased; investment products you do not really need are also miss-sold to you. In the long run, this commission adds up to a huge amount, which you end up giving away. Tarrakki enables you to invest only in Mutual Funds with Direct Plans. We DO NOT charge you a single rupee in commissions on mutual funds.

Along with Mutual Funds, we offer our users subscription based Equity Advisory Services, too

Try the Tarrakki savings calculator

Note: The above calculator assumes an expense ratio of 0.75% in direct funds and 1.5% regular funds.

You just saved 1,07,71,450 by selecting a Direct Plan vs a Regular Plan.

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